EBP Agenda Personal


A completely detailed personal agenda


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As time goes by you realize that a note bloc or a calendar to write down your appointments is not always enough to organize your time.

It's at that moment when applications such as EBP Agenda Personal pop up in our minds. They can help you to manage all your appointments and personal data.

EBP Agenda Personal contains a calendar where you can save and mark all your events, an address list where you can save personal or professional telephone numbers and addresses, a warning program, a task list, a personal account manager and even a personal diary where you can write down every piece of data related to the actual day.

All those options can be activated or deactivated from the configuration panel, where you can also edit the available functions of each tool, modify the appearance of the program and edit the its security options. You can restrict access to the agenda by encoding its data and secure the program with a password.

This way, EBP Agenda Personal converts itself into a powerful application to manage your personal data.

40 days trial period.

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